Thursday, 10 March 2016

Main Star - Diary

I have made a five day diary about Curious Cove, here it is:


I got woken up at 6:30 am and quickly realized why I jump up and ran down stairs and we started driving to school with the suitcases in the back. As we got to school I saw kids in the hall so I ran to join them. On the bus I sat next to Tipene and occasionally moved back to talk with my other friends.
After roughly 2:30 hours we had a stop at Lake Rotawiti. There was masses of eels under the wharf.
4 hours after Lake Rotawiti we arrived in Picton. We made a huge chain from the bus to the boat and passed the bags across the chain. After roughly 1 hour on the boat we reached Curious Cove. I ran to my room with my room mate Angus and unpacked my stuff. All of our friends were close to us so we chatted until it was time for dinner. Tony (the camp owner) was a really nice guy. After dinner we played round a bit and then at 9:00pm we got called to play Hagland Heroes. Hagland Heroes is a game where there were parents at either end of the camp with different coloured markers. There were parents with torches spread out between the two who needed to shine the torch on you and say your name. If you got caught you had to go to prison (and escape). The person with the most marks won.

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